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9 Great New Shower Shelf Options for your Tiled Niche or Shower Wall

Image of guy in shower hitting his elbow on a shelf

During my bathroom remodelling projects I routinely install shower shelves of all kinds, including shower niche shelves, tiled shower shelves and corner shelves.

Because I get a lot of questions from my clients on this topic, I decided to write a post with all my best shower shelf ideas. In this post I’ll describe each type of shower shelf and tell you about the best and worst features of each (in my opinion).

Since there are so many types of shower shelves, I’ve organized them into categories (like “corner shelf”, “niche shelf” etc) and there are several different types of shelves per category. Use the images below to jump to the right shelf category.

Ok, let’s get into it!

Image of Redblock Shower Niche Shelf
Image of Redblock RB3 Corner Shower Shelf
Image of 2 Shower Niches- Stainless steel and Tiled
Image of cartoon guy washing his hair beside Hanging Shower Caddy

Shower Niche Shelves

I’ve compiled a fairly complete list of the most common shower niche shelves below. They are arranged in order from best to worst (in my opinion).

Stainless Steel Shower Niche Shelves

RB3 shower shelf brushed RB product page 1920w
Redblock rb3 Shower Niche Shelf
Image of Schluter Kerdi Shower Niche Shelf (Amazon link)
Schluter Kerdi Shower Niche Shelf
Ad: The above image is an affiliate link.

I think stainless steel shower niche shelves are the coolest of all the built in shower shelf ideas. Most of my clients also like these shelves because they have a very low profile, a bold and attractive look, and are very practical to use. In my opinion, stainless steel is by far the best shower niche shelf materials.

I have lost count of the number of times I’ve been asked by my clients to suggest a thin, modern shower niche shelf. I’ve had so much trouble finding any quality options that I eventually decided to make one myself – the rb3 shower niche shelf.

The rb3 shelf is a little narrower than the Schluter Shelf-N because it’s designed to mount about 1/2″ away from the back of the niche (rb3 image below).

Image of Redblock RB3 Shower Niche Shelf
Installed RB3 Shelf

The Schluter niche shelf is as wide as the niche is deep, so it mounts right into a grout line at the back of the niche.

This isn’t great in my humble opinion, because it makes it difficult to install a different “feature” tile for the back of the niche. It’s also difficult to keep the back corners clean and dry, so it tends to get a bit soap scummy and moldy.

However, as you can see in the photos above, both shelves are very sleek and modern looking. They provide a nice contrast to most shower wall tile and also match well with the metallic finish of most shower fixtures.

Another couple of great features of these metal shelves is that your soap will never again slip off the shelf onto the shower floor or turn into a gooey mess from standing water.

If you’d like to see a fine example of the rb3 shelf being installed into a custom tiled shower niche, you can check out my How to Build a Shower Niche post.

Would you like to know more about the rb3 stainless steel shower niche shelf?

RB3 polished shelf transparent background-MORE INFO-425w

Natural Stone Shower Niche Shelves

Natural stone shower niche shelves are a great option as long as they match fairly well with your surrounding shower wall tile.

The most popular stone shelf is made of marble because the muted grey and white tones are popular right now, and it’s fairly easy to cut and polish.

Ease of polishing is an important feature because it allows you to create an attractive sill that stands out proud of the wall. A very popular look.

This option is also attractive to the DIY’er because stone shelves can be relatively cheap and easy to fabricate if you can get your hands on some scrap material (more on that in the stone corner shelves section below).

However, I always warn my clients that they must be aware of the fact that marble is relatively soft and porous so it can stain and scratch quite easily.

Staining can largely be prevented if you seal your shelves once a year with a good stone sealer.

Scratches, on the other hand can be difficult to remove but they are also very rare in the shower environment, so generally not a big concern for most of my clients.

Granite shelves are a lot more rare because they are difficult to cut and polish but mostly because their coloration is too dark and too busy for most people’s taste.

Glass Shower Niche Shelves

Custom built tiled shower niche, glass shelves, white metal edging
Image courtesy of

The glass shelf is the most popular recessed shower niche shelf simply because it’s quite thin (usually 6 or 10mm width) and subtle in appearance. As such, it allows the niche to blend in more with the surrounding tile.

And if you’ve chosen to install a feature tile at the back of your niche, the tile design can be more easily seen with a clear glass shelf.

When you start looking around for glass shower niche shelf options you’ll find that the cheapest glass has a slight green color to it (especially on profile). For those that don’t like this green hue there’s clear glass available as well, but it’s a fair bit more expensive.

As nice as glass shower niche shelves might look in your newly tiled shower niche, I  get a fair number of complaints about how bar soap seems to end up on the shower floor because the glass is so slippery. They also complain that water doesn’t drain away so the glass tends to get really messy as your soap dissolve away.

On last important hint if you are planning to install glass shower niche shelves is to make sure you (or your contractor) order tempered glass.

No matter how unlikely it is that you might break your glass shelves, you should not take the risk of installing untempered glass. An injury from broken untempered glass can be severe. You don’t want to take that chance.

Tiled Shelves

Since I install shower niches in most of my shower remodel projects, I’m often asked if there’s an alternative to the large and clunky tiled shower shelf insert that usually comes with the larger foam tiling niches.

I’m referring to the built in shower shelf that’s supplied with most of these niches. It’s a 2″ wide block of foam that has a tiling membrane bonded to its surface (see below).

Image of Schluter Kerdi Board 12"x20" Shower Niche (Amazon link)
Schluter Kerdi Board 12″x20″ Shower Niche
Ad: The above image is an affiliate link.

After this shelf is tiled, it measures more than 3″ thick. In fact it doesn’t really end up looking like a shelf at all. It effectively splits the niche into two separate sections; more like two separate niches.

The biggest problem is that this shelf effectively eliminates a lot of the interior storage of your preformed foam shower niche. As such, most of my clients prefer to install a lower profile shelf instead.

Corner Shower Shelves

Corner Shelf with Chamfer-370W

Shower corner shelves are probably the most popular category of shower shelves simply because they usually easy to install, and they look a lot better than a caddy.

Because this is such a big category of shower shelf, I thought it would be a good idea to write a post entirely dedicated to corner shower shelves.

Check it out (link above) if you want to see all the corner shelves preferred by myself and my clients.

Shower Niches (or Built in Shower Shelves)

I had to include Shower Niches into our discussion about shower shelves simply because many people refer to a shower niche as a shower shelf or ” built in shower shelf “.

And a shower niche is indeed a shower shelf, but it’s also much more than a shelf, taking many different forms with different construction methods & materials.

This makes the shower niche a bit too complex a discussion for this humble shower shelf post.

However, I do have a favorite shower niche that I’ve installed many times for clients. It’s a great choice for people that appreciate the aesthetic of finished stainless steel and want total confidence that their niche will never leak. You can see this niche below.

Full disclosure… my brother and I designed this niche and we are partners in the company that sells it, so I am a bit biased 🙂 .

If you’d like to explore the world of shower niches, feel free to check out my Complete Shower Niche Guide.

Angled empty N1014 with green glass tile - product page

Caddies & Other Shower Shelves

Although shower caddies are also shower shelves, this category of shower shelves is also far too big to cover in this post.

That’s why I decided to show you only a couple of my favorite shower caddies in this section.

You can see those caddies below, but you can also check out my Shower Caddy post to see these and many other shower caddy ideas.

Simplehuman Adjustable and Extendable Shower Caddy
Simplehuman Adjustable and Extendable Shower Caddy.
Ad: The above image is an affiliate link
Simplehuman Over-Door Shower Caddy
Simplehuman Over-Door Shower Caddy. Ad: The above image is an affiliate link

Floating Permanent Shower Shelves

Image of Schluter Systems Rectangular Wall Shelf-W - Curve Design (Amazon link)
Schluter Systems Rectangular Wall Shelf-W – Curve Design
Ad: The above image is an affiliate link.

Permanent floating shower shelves like the one shown above are usually mounted at the grout line during shower wall tile installation. These floating shelves are distinguished from others by its anchor leg, which imbeds into the mortar layer behind the tile.

Other than the permanent floating shelves that screw into the shower wall, there are not many of these types of shelves on the market. The only practical version that I’ve found is the Stainless Steel Shower Shelf-W by Schluter Systems (see pic above).

Although this is the most secure way to install a floating shower shelf, I don’t believe that these shelves are safe, secure or even practical.

A shelf like this really doesn’t make sense to me unless it’s mounted well above the head of anybody that uses the shower.

The center region of the shower wall is no place to install a shelf that protrudes out 3″-4″ unless it’s mounted on the valve wall (between the valve assembly and shower head usually).

It’s basically an accident waiting to happen.

You could quite easily injure yourself by brushing up against it, and you could permanently bend it by accidentally knocking it up or down. Either one of these unfortunate events would probably be uncomfortable 🙁  but it could also fracture the weld that connects the shelf to it’s anchor leg.

If this occurs, the shelf could not be straightened or repaired without removing the tiles. Something to be aware of when your planning your shelf placement.

Ceramic Shower Shelf

Apple Creek 7 in. Ceramic Bathroom Soap Dish
Ad: The above image is an affiliate link.

These shelves are the very “old school” soap dishes that were common in the 1960’s to 80’s. There were also versions of this fixture that were recessed into the shower wall cavity to give them a lower profile.

They were usually in the center region of the shower wall in easy reach of someone in the shower, but not too high to accommodate someone in the bath as well.

I can’t say that these are my favorite shower soap holders but they are very practical albeit simplistic in design.

These days most people prefer a more multi use storage compartment like a larger shelf or shower niche so they can store the various items they routinely use in the shower.

Floating Suction Shower Shelves

Image of ARCCI Suction Shower Caddy, Shower Shelf Basket (Amazon ad link)
ARCCI Suction Shower Caddy, Shower Shelf Basket
Ad: The above image is an affiliate link.

Suction Cup shower shelves are probably the most popular shower shelf idea when it comes to online sales volume. This is obviously because many hapless contractors never seem to include any built in shower shelves or recessed shower storage in any of their projects.

As a remodeling contractor I don’t often install these suction shelves but curiously, my clients often ask for my opinion about them. As such, I’ve made a point to look up a few of the better ones for clients that aren’t remodeling their shower and don’t want to drill into their shower wall.

Wrap Up

In my experience, most people with inadequate shower storage end up installing shower shelves (permanent or temporary) if they don’t like the look of the standard shower caddy…….. and that’s a lot of people! That’s why I thought this post might be helpful for some of you. I really hope you got something out of it.

And make sure you leave me a comment or question about anything shower shelf related. I always look forward to hearing from you guys.

There are 24 comments on this post:

  1. Steves User Profile Image

    Hi Tim,

    Thank you for your comment!

    I would not recommend just adhering the glass shelf to the tile on the inside of you niche with an adhesive. The only safe way to attach these shelves is to rest them on top of the side wall tiles (within the grout line) or with some other kind of mechanical attachment. In other words they should be installed during the tiling stage, not retrofit.
    As well… because glass shelves need to be relatively thick to be safe and stable, you will always need to trim the side and back wall tiles of your niche (during tiling) in order to make room for them.

    Please also make sure that the glass shelves you plan to install are tempered or laminated glass (safety glass).

    Good luck!


  2. Avatar photo

    Thanks for the helpful comments on shelving. What is the best way to mount glass shelves inside a tiled niche?

  3. Steves User Profile Image

    Hi Ellyn,

    It sounds like a great idea. Lots of light and regular moisture is great for plants!

    As a shower remodelling pro, my main concern is always about waterproofing, so I must address this first.
    If the window is likely to get wet during showering, you must make sure that the perimeter of window well is fully waterproofed (if it’s not already). This is an extremely important and involved procedure so I will assume that you’ve already taken care of this.

    As for shelf, I can’t recall ever installing a shelf within a window well, inside a shower so I may not be much help. Maybe you could suspend a shelf from one side of the window well to the other? Keep in mind that this shelf would need to be structurally solid enough to span window width.

    If it is only 12″ to 14″, I would suggest a stainless steel shelf because it could span this distance without additional structural support. A 3mm SS shelf could also fit neatly into the grout lines without disturbing the waterproofing membrane or requiring any tile removal.

    If it’s larger than 14″ a relatively unsightly shelf structure would have to be built to span the window. This would be a lot of work and probably not worth doing.

    Maybe you should just search online for a very narrow rack that can rest on the sill and anchor onto the side walls somehow. It may be hard to find such a thing but it would would probably be the easiest solution.

    Good Luck!


  4. Avatar photo

    Bathroom puzzlement ….. I am installing a glass shower and there is going to be a small window in it (HOA will not allow it to be removed) lucky the window is on the 3rd floor and there is a stand of trees (evergreen) so no one can see in. I’d like to put 2 or 3 shelves inside the window for a couple of plants – any suggestions?

  5. Steves User Profile Image

    Hi Kellie,

    Thank you for the compliment! I’m so glad that my shower shelf info was useful to you in some way.


  6. Steves User Profile Image

    Hi Emily,

    Thanks for your comment!

    There are different types and qualities of resin shelves. Plastic/epoxy resins are usually mixed with other materials like stone (stone resin shelves). I do not install resin shelves vary often. I always prefer (and recommend) to use real stone shelves because you never really know what your going to get with a resin shelf. The corner shelves I install the most are the very low profile stainless steel shelves from Redblock and Schluter.

    Good luck with your search!


  7. Steves User Profile Image

    Hi Troy,

    I’m happy that you like our rb3 shower niche shelf, but unfortunately we only make it in the 12″ size (no custom sizes). Sorry I couldn’t help you out.

    Good luck with your project!


  8. Avatar photo

    I really like the Redblock Shower Niche Shelf but my niche is almost 12-1/2” wide (tile face to tile face). Do you make custom widths?

  9. Steves User Profile Image

    Hi Harriett,

    Thank you for your comment!

    I don’t really have any problem with porcelain shower niches per se… I am just not a fan of retrofit shower niches. There are porcelain shower niche inserts with mounting flanges that integrate with the waterproofing membrane, but these are not so common. Of course a tiled niche can also be made to match almost any design scheme. It just comes down to personal preference.

    Good luck with it!


  10. Avatar photo

    We have a art deco bathtub-shower, and just replacing the tile wall beside the built in tub. We have purchased the porcelain soap face towel holder to be installed lower close to the tub. Then also we found the porcelain oblong shower niche to be installed above the soap holder as on is standing up in the shower. Now that I’ve read your article, having thoughts on that porcelain shower niche. Thinking maybe have our tile guy making the shower niche out of tiles we purchased.

  11. Avatar photo

    Hi Pamela,

    Thank you for your comment. I’m so glad that you got some useful info from my post!

    Unfortunately, I don’t think it’s a great idea to use a marble tile as a corner shelf, especially if you’re planning to use it as a shaving ledge.

    Marble is quite soft and has cleavage lines randomly throughout its structure. This can cause it to crack very easily if it’s too thin, especially if weight is applied to its surface.

    I would recommend a minimum of 2cm marble piece be used for any corner shelf regardless how big it is. I would not even take a chance on using a granite tile for a shaving ledge even if it’s a much stronger stone. Tiles are just too thin to be used for this purpose.

    Good Luck!


  12. Avatar photo

    I really appreciate your expertise on these topics and your willingness to share it. I was wondering if you had a thought on using a piece of marble tile as a corner shelf (instead of the thicker 2 or 3 cm corner piece of marble you reference above). Instead of a shelf for your shampoo/soap, it would be lower and would be used for resting one’s foot when shaving one’s leg. Could I use the thinner stone tile (cut in half diagonally) instead of the thicker piece of stone? Thanks.

  13. Avatar photo

    Hi Luke,

    Thanks for your comment!

    Sorry, but I have not seen any wood corner shower shelves out there. It seems to me that this could be a good idea if manufactured properly, but maybe it’s too risky to manufacture a wood shower shelf.

    Good luck with your search!


  14. Avatar photo

    Great article, it was very helpful. Was wondering if they make any permanent wood corner shelving (teak maybe) for the shower?

  15. Steves User Profile Image

    Hi Emilio,

    Thank you for your comment!

    The Schluter corner shelf is a fine choice. It has small mounting tabs that insert into the grout line space, so the waterproofing membrane beneath the tile is not breached during installation. The weight of the shelf is also supported by the tiles beneath so it’s quite sturdy. The only disadvantage is that you need to mount both sides in a grout line, so if your grout lines don’t line up on both walls (in the corner), you are out of luck.

    As I mentioned in my post, the problem with screw mounted shelves is that their installation requires holes to be drilled through the tile and waterproofing membrane. Not good.

    FYI, Your builder may have had a bad shower niche experience, but they’re not all bad. If a tiled niche is installed correctly, it will never leak. There are also finished shower niches that are even easier to clean and completely impermeable to moisture.

    Good luck with your new shelves!


  16. Avatar photo
    Emilio Paiva de Brito

    Hi there, after reading your blog I’m looking at this corner shelf for my new bathroom this summer. Since I live in the UK, I googled the schluter corner shelf in my matt black and found it here:

    Would you recommend this over a normal metal basket type of corner shelf that screws into the tile like this?

    I’ve had suctioned corner shelves in the past and hated them, and I’ve been warned away from shower niche’s by my builder who got rid of his in his own home due to accumulation of mould.

  17. Steves User Profile Image

    Hi Steve,

    Thank you for your comment!
    I’m glad I could help you plan for your next remodel project.
    I hope your grandkids appreciate the new shower!


  18. Avatar photo

    I appreciate the thoroughness of your article. This will help us better plan for an upcoming shower remodel to be used by our grandkids.

  19. Steves User Profile Image

    Hi Ryan,

    Thank you so much for your comment! I am super happy that my blog has helped you prepare for your bathroom remodel.


  20. Avatar photo

    What a great article and website! I’m getting ready to remodel my bathroom and am so glad I found your website. Thanks!

  21. Steves User Profile Image

    Hi Melissa,

    To answer your questions…

    The Schluter stainless steel shower niche shelf comes in matte black.
    I haven’t seen a lot of quartz or quartzite shelves available online. Most of the stone corner shower shelves available online are marble.
    Stone shelves need a lot of support so they should all be installed during tiling (mounted in grout line) so they can be supported by the tile beneath.
    You can find lots of 2cm and 3cm remnants at your local stone fabricator. They often will cut and polish small pieces for you if you provide them with a simple drawing with dimensions. Most fabricators end up with remnants after almost every job. And they usually dispose of a bunch of it every year because they can’t sell it and they need the space. This means you can get some great deals on almost every type of stone imaginable if you find the right fabricator.
    I would not buy a 2cm backsplash online. It’s too fragile to ship. The width would also likely be too narrow for a corner shower shelf. Best to get one locally from a stone fabricator.

    I hope you find the perfect shower shelf for your project!


  22. Avatar photo

    Stainless steel is an interesting option. Have you seen them in matte black? What about quartz or quartzite? Could those work well too if installed during installation? Is it possible to find remnants and is cutting and polishing difficult? If quartz would be suitable, I’ve seen 2cm vanity backsplashes available online. Could you use those?

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