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Redblock rb3 Corner Shower Shelf

rb3 Corner Shelf Installed - Soap

Slots for Draining

  • Water drains away to keep items drier
  • Keeps your soap from slipping away

Two Offset Mounting Tabs

  • Rock Solid Structural Rigidity
  • Keeps it away from the wall to eliminate water pooling and for easier cleaning
  • Gives it an attractive “floating” appearance
rb3 Corner Shelf Installed - Puff

Accessory Hanger

  • Hang your loofah, washing puff, or scrub brush.
  • You can even hang a soap on a rope!

Rounded Corners

  • Rounded Corners for safety and style
rb3 Corner Shelf Installed - Washcloth

Long Front Slot

  • Hang your washcloth in this convenient front slot.

Solid 3mm – 316 (18/8/2) Stainless Steel

  • Fabricated from super rigid 3mm stainless steel for a super solid structure
  • The superior corrosion resistance of 316 stainless steel protects our shelf from chlorine bleach and other corrosive cleaning products.
rb3 Corner Shelf Installed - Puff, soap, bottle

Ample Storage

  • Extends 7 3/4″ from each wall giving you 30 square inches of storage – large enough for a soap and 2 bottles.

For Existing Showers OR New Remodels

  • 3mm thick (3/32″) means it fits perfectly into 1/8″ grout lines (the most popular grout line width).
  • Can be installed into any existing shower or new remodel with 1/8″ (or wider) grout lines.

Quick & Easy Installation

  • Our rb3 Corner Shelf can be installed in about 1/2 hour into your existing shower with a few simple tools. Install is even quicker in a new shower remodel.


Our New rb3 Corner Shelf will be available early 2022

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