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Redblock rb3 Moly Corner Shower Shelf

rb3 Corner Shelf Installed - Soap

Slots for Draining

  • Water drains away to keep items drier
  • Keeps your soap from slipping away

Two Offset Mounting Tabs

  • Rock Solid Structural Rigidity
  • Eliminates water & soap scum from pooling on the wall
  • Installs easily even if the corner isn’t square – the only corner shelf with this feature
rb3 Corner Shelf Installed - Puff

Accessory Hanger

  • Hang your loofah, washing puff, or scrub brush.
  • You can even hang a soap on a rope!

Rounded Corners

  • Rounded Corners for safety and style
rb3 Corner Shelf Installed - Washcloth

Long Front Slot

  • Hang your washcloth in this convenient front slot.

Solid 3mm – Premium 316 Stainless Steel

  • Fabricated from super rigid 3mm stainless steel for a super solid structure
  • The corrosion resistance of 316 stainless steel with molybdenum – superior protection from corrosive cleaning products and hard water.

“ Once you see this elegantly designed shower shelf it is hard to settle for something else;…. Beyond the clean, functional good looks a major feature is the ability to hang a facecloth in the generous front slot. It is heavy duty, well made with rounded edges and… it is exceptionally well packaged, almost like it was fine art which it sort of is. ” – Frank

rb3 Corner Shelf Installed - Puff, soap, bottle

Ample Storage

  • Extends 7 3/4″ from each wall giving you 30 square inches of storage – large enough for a soap and 2 bottles.

For Existing Showers OR New Remodels

  • 3mm thick (3/32″) means it fits perfectly into 1/8″ grout lines (the most popular grout line width).
  • Mounting tabs keep it away from the wall, making it just as easy (and beautiful) to install into wonky, non-square shower corners.

Quick & Easy Installation

  • Our rb3 Corner Shelf can be installed in about 1/2 hour into your existing shower with a few simple tools. Install is even quicker in a new shower remodel.