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This is the About Us page for Redblock Industries.

We are a tiny partnership comprised of only two partners. Our business was formed in 2016 and currently produces a single product with three variations, the Redblock bath & shower niche (model N1014 & N828 and N828A). This is the short story about our company and how it came to be.

An innovative new product

We (brothers, Dave & Steve Gehrmann) have been interested and involved in the building trades for many years (Steve Gehrmann is the owner and head contractor for SKG Renovations, a kitchen and bathroom remodelling firm based in Vancouver, BC.  )


From our countless conversations about building systems (and their problems), we identified a potential need in the bathroom remodelling market. We thought that people may be interested in a cool new shower storage fixture ( shower niche) that is attractive, easy to install, easy to clean, and completely waterproof.


Tiled shower niches are the most common shower niche type out there, but they can be problematic due to the significant work (& cost) required to build/install them, and their tendency to leak if installed improperly.

There are also some “finished” retrofit shower niches out there that don’t integrate with the shower waterproofing membrane, thus are very risky to install.


We thought that the modern and progressive homeowner would really appreciate a new take on the traditional niche, so we decided to design one.

A slick one-piece stainless steel shower niche that can efficiently accommodate all your products, is quick to install, easy to clean, and built such that it cannot leak. And of course, it is a beautiful addition to almost any modern bathroom design scheme.


We are very excited about our new product because of its’ beauty & awesome features, and because we believe that it will fill a void in the marketplace.


But even if we are wrong about our market assumptions, we will always be very proud to have created a no compromise product that is designed to last a lifetime.

Building great relationships

We have cherished the experience and adventure of creating the Redblock niche. This journey has brought us together with some very high quality people on each side of the globe. From our accountants and attorney in Washington state, to our manufacturing team in Asia.


They all have provided us with the help and resources that we desperately needed to produce a product that we can be proud of. The most important of these relationships was with our manufacturing team. Despite our ignorance about producing such a product, they guided us through the process and created our niche with precision and pride. Our dealings with them were probably the most rewarding part of our journey so far.

The Future

We have big plans to produce more innovative stainless steel shower fixture products that continue to surprise and excite our customers.


Our goal of producing cool and innovative products will continue with our next product scheduled to be introduced very soon. So stay tuned for more exciting products!


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