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Affiliate Disclosure and Personal / Professional Disclosure

Affiliate Links

I thought it was important to give you a little more information about the affiliate links in my blog posts and what they mean to you (my blog reading audience), me (Steve), and my partnership, Redblock Industries LLP.

The bottom line is that my partnership (Redblock Industries) receives a commission for every sale that occurs through the affiliate links contained in my blog.

My partnership (Redblock Industries LLP) is also a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for us to earn fees by linking to and affiliated sites.

Many of the affiliate links in my blog direct you to particular products (or range of products) that I am currently using in my remodelling business, that I have used in the past, or I am planning to use. Within my blog I also provide some links to products (or range of products) that my customers have purchased or are planning to purchase.

These products are sold by a few select e-commerce company websites that I have also used myself to purchase products, but I have no other affiliation with these companies. They simply provide me with a commission if you follow the affiliate link and decide to buy these products within a particular period of time.

Personal / Professional Disclosure

The most important thing to say is that the information provided in this post is for information purposes only and solely the opinions of me, Steve Gehrmann.

Although I am a licensed remodelling contractor, I do not want you to interpret any of the info contained in my blog posts as professional advice. There are too many complexities between different remodel installations, and too many code variations between different jurisdictions, for my remodel advice to be correct and applicable in every situation.

As such, you should always consult a licensed local contractor before undertaking any remodelling work in your bathroom or in your home in general.

Me and Redblock Industries

I also thought it was important to provide you with a little more info about my relationship with Redblock Industries and SKG Renovations.

Firstly, I am the owner and head contractor for SKG Renovations. This is how I can provide you with so much valuable remodelling info on various shower remodel related topics.

I am also a part owner of Redblock Industries, the company that hosts the Redblock Shower Remodel Blog. As you’ve probably noticed, is also an e-commerce site where we sell our one-of-a-kind finished stainless steel shower niche. As well as providing all my readers with remodel info, I am also hoping to sell this shower niche to any of my readers that may be interested in installing a niche in their showers.

Although I am interested in selling my product, I try very hard to make sure all the info I provide on my site is as unbiased as I can. I will promote the benefits of my niche occasionally, but only when I sincerely believe that it will provide a benefit to my readers.

At the end of the day, this website must be able to provide some financial compensation for me or I would not be able to continue blogging and interacting with all of you fine people.

If you have any questions about any of these affiliations, please contact me directly at [email protected]


Steve Gehrmann