Shower Storage Reinvented

A beautiful new take on the bath / shower storage niche

The Redblock N1014 stainless steel Shower Niche

Perfect for your new or remodel bathroom project


Slotted shelf & Washcloth Hanger

The only Shower Niche with the M-Block™ Waterproofing Flange

Ample Storage

Solid Construction with T-304 Stainless Steel

Integrated Tiling & Mounting Flanges

Quick Installation & Cost Effective

Easy Cleaning

June 26, 2017

Clean design, quality material and fabrication and simple installation make this shower niche an easy upgrade to create a luxury shower. Brushed stainless finish complements most stainless and nickel finishes on faucets and bath accessories…..

Houzz Review

May 8, 2018

Sleek, modern-looking, and a great alternative if you don’t want to deal with fabricating your own niche…..

Houzz Review

Redblock N828 Shower niche

All the same beautiful styling and waterproof integrity as our N1014 niche, with a few extra features!


A new 8″ x 28″ storage area

Three storage levels, two with our unique perforated shelf design

A 13 1/2″ bottom shelf designed for bulk size bottles

A notched upper shelf to hang a puff or soap-on-a-rope

The Redblock Niche

Elegant & Practical



Redblock shower niche with bar soap on slotted shelf

Slotted Shelf & Wash Cloth Hanger

Large laser-cut slots to drain away water, keeping your soap and washcloth dry and in their place.

Redblock shower niche showing the integrated tiling flange

Integrated Mounting & Tiling Flanges

The Redblock shower storage niche attaches securely to the wall and waterproofing membrane and also provides an attractive border between niche and wall tile.

Redblock shower niche pic indicating ample storage

Ample Storage

Our niche is built with plenty of space for your soaps, razors, bottles, soap dispensers, tubs, puffs and washcloth.

Redblock shower niche pic indicating quick and worry-free installation

Quick Installation & Cost Effective

Installs quickly and easily in a few simple steps, making it a pleasure for the contractor, and cost effective for the homeowner.

Redblock shower niche pic indicating that it's waterproof

Solid, Waterproof Structure

Solid stainless steel structure designed to integrate with all moisture membranes, means no more leaks.

Redblock shower niche pic indicating that it's easy to clean

Easy to Clean

Sheet stainless steel with beautifully smooth welds makes the Redblock shower storage niche super easy to clean.




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