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Innovative shower storage

Stainless steel shower shelves designed by remodel professionals




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Great Product. I installed the shower niche as a DIY project and it was easy to do. The design makes it virtually leakproof. The outer flange makes it easy to tile around the niche and create a professional looking result. I will use Redblock again when I update my master bath.

Once you see this elegantly designed shower shelf it is hard to settle for something else;…. Beyond the clean, functional good looks a major feature is the ability to hang a facecloth in the generous front slot. It is heavy duty, well made with rounded edges and… it is exceptionally well packaged, almost like it was fine art which it sort of is.

Beautiful niche - easy install, sleek, modern-looking, and a great alternative if you don’t want to deal with fabricating your own niche. Will definitely use these in future bathroom projects.

Elyse Kroll InteriorsNiche Review

About our Shower Build Blog

Steve, your comments and recommendations are by far the most comprehensive and helpful I have read after extensive “homework” in preparation for a steam shower remodel project…

Drew – Comment on Shower Remodel Post