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Redblock Shower Niche Install Guide

This is the official Redblock Niche Install Guide for the N1014 and N1028 stainless steel shower storage niches.

Niche Installation Video

Niche Specs

Redblock Niche Data Sheet (PDF)

Redblock Niche Installation Instruction Sheet (PDF)

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    Hi again Ken,

    If you check out the N1014 product page, spec sheet, install sheet (and video) you will see the answer to most of your questions. The mounting flange is only 1mm so build-up should not be a problem if installed according to the directions.

    If you’re planning to purchase the new model N1014 shower niche (available in the summer), there will be tapered mounting holes in the flange, designed for #6 or #8 tapered head stainless steel screws. This means that the screw heads will be recessed to prevent buildup.



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    Regarding the N1014, If you install your flange on top of the backer board won’t that create a built up surface which will make the tile not level with the plane of the wall? Why not router out a notch for the flange to sit in? When you say wafer head screws do you mean galvanized drywall screws?… Also what thickness of tile is your flange designed to accommodate. What if your tile is too thick and will not slide in behind the stainless steel frame?Should the rough opening be 14 1/2” x 10 1/2” ?

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