Niche cleaning tips page showing Redblock niche with bar soap, soap dispenser & washcloth

Redblock Stainless Steel Shower Niche Cleaning Tips


If you feel that your Redblock bath / shower storage niche is losing it’s lustre, or if water spots/ soap scum are starting to accumulate, you can easily clean it using the following niche cleaning tips:

The original brushed, and the new PVD Redblock niche, are made of sheet stainless steel. As such, you should use only non-abrasive cleansers for niche cleaning. The first cleaning step should always be with warm water, a clean rag, and a little bit of scrubbing. If this doesn’t do the trick, a mild liquid dish detergent can be used (as long as it does not contain chlorine bleach – see below).

To remove fingerprints, or any stains from oil-based skin care products, or if you simply want to brighten up the surface, we recommend that a solution of *OxiClean be used for this purpose. Completely dissolve the powdered OxiClean into a spray bottle (read the Oxiclean box for directions on hard surface cleaning). Apply liberally, a few applications, over all niche surfaces, waiting a few minutes between applications. If there is any soap scum left after rinsing, use a sponge or micro-fibre rag to carefully remove the material. To reduce the chance of scratching, take care to wipe in the direction of the grain (direction of striations).

For our matte finished PVD shower niches, wiping in a circular motion will produce the best result.

If you prefer to use a cleaning product other than OxiClean, you can use window cleaning spray, pure isopropyl alcohol or acetone. PLEASE DO NOT USE ANY CLEANER THAT CONTAINS CHLORINE BLEACH. Chlorine bleach can damage the chromium surface on the stainless steel surface of the original Redblock niche. If you are using a chlorine bleach containing cleaner in your shower, make sure that you avoid the niche surface and promptly remove any residue that may end up on the niche surface.

The PVD treated versions of the Redblock Shower Niche is up to 10x more scratch resistant than the original niche however, it is not completely scratch proof. Therefore it a good idea to follow the cleaning instructions above for the PVD niche as well.


* OxiClean is a trademark of Church & Dwight Co., Inc.