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Redblock Shower Niche Shelf Install Guide

This is the official installation guide for the Redblock rb3 Shower Niche Shelf.

Shower Niche Shelf Install Video

Shelf Specs

rb3 Shower Niche Shelf Dimensions (PDF)

Installation Notes

  • The rb3 shower niche shelf fits perfectly into 1/8″ (3mm) grout lines at the sides of your tiled shower niche.
  • If your shower niche tiles have 1/16″ grout lines, you will need to make room for the four installation legs by cutting a 1/16″ deep notch (approx) in the the tile above each of the four installation legs.
  • The rb3 shower niche shelf is only 2.6″ wide so you have a choice to install it in the standard position (1/2″ from the back of the niche) or closer to the back of the niche if you prefer.
  • The standard installation of the rb3 shower niche shelf is with the wash cloth hanger (long slot) facing front and the rb3 logo facing upwards, but you can also install it with the logo facing down and/or washcloth hanger at the back. It’s totally up to you.
  • Since the rb3 shower niche shelf rests on the top of the tiles you install on each side of your shower niche (within the grout lines), the tops of these tiles must be level if you want your shelf to be level.
  • You should also keep in mind that the slotted design of the shelf allows water to drain off the surface, so there’s no need to slant the shelf outward during installation.
  • Please do not mount the shelf so that it comes into contact with other metal finishing surfaces such as metal tile edging. This could cause the stainless steel to darken over time.