Clumsy or Cool – Temporary vs Permanent Shower Storage Options (2018)

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Most of us have experienced a shower with no place to put our soap, body wash or shampoo bottles. Shampoo bottles strewn about the shower floor and bars of soap underfoot are not uncommon in showers with no storage besides the bathtub edge. Here are a few options to help you solve your shower storage issues and tidy up your shower space.


Shower Caddies

Overwhelmingly the most popular type of shower storage is the shower caddy. A relatively clumsy device but still very popular in most showers that don’t have any built in storage. It’s popularity is predictable since the a typical family shower can contain six or more bottles, washcloths, puffs as well as bars of soap.  It can be a real disorganized mess if not for a shower caddy to contain it all. They can be constructed with three or more different levels of shelving, and they are usually pinned between the ceiling and the bathtub deck (in a tub shower). Caddies of this type are usually only found in tub showers because the distance between ceiling and floor is a bit too large in a full shower.

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Hanging Racks & shelves

Many people rely on hanging racks for shower storage in their showers. These racks can be suspended from the shower door or from the shower head pipe, or hung from the shower curtain rod. A handy homeowner can also mount hooks in the tile surface or in the drywall above the shower wall tile, in order to hang their shower racks. Some of these racks are also designed to mount directly to the shower wall with screws (not a great idea if you are concerned about maintaining the shower membrane integrity). These are not very elegant solutions, but they do the trick for most people if they are not considering a complete shower remodel. There are also some very simple DIY examples of shower curtain rods or poles that mount across the back wall of a shower alcove, where your personal care items, racks, etc. can be hung.

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More Temporary Shower Storage

If you don’t like the look of a shower caddy or rack, there are other creative shower storage strategies people tend to favor. Tile mounted suction hangers can serve a valuable purpose for those with a puff to dry. Shower totes are fabric or plastic mesh bags that can contain all your bottles and are designed to hang from the shower head arm. Shower storage bags like these could also easily hang from a tile or wall mounted hook.

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Permanent Shower Storage

The most organized and tidy form of shower storage is the shower niche. A shower niche is a recess in the shower wall that contains your soap, razors and bottles of various kinds. This type of shower storage is generally considered to be the best way to organize your shower. You can choose an expensive custom tiled shower niche, or an easy install, finished shower niche ( Either way, you have a area in your shower that you can store most, or all of the personal care items you use in the shower. Most (but not all) shower niches can also protect the integrity of your shower waterproofing membrane, which is a high priority for most homeowners planning a new shower remodel. A shower niche can be installed in clear view, featured as a integral design element, or low and out of sight if you want to keep those items concealed.


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Wall mounted soap dishes

These can be single or multiple level shower storage fixtures. Some of these fixtures are designed to be in the shower wall much like the shower niche, but many are attached to the shower wall with tile mortar or adhesive during tiling of the shower wall. Some types mount into a hole cut in the shower wall much like a finished shower niche, but are usually slightly more shallow than a shower niche, and often made from plastic or ceramic. These are mainly designed for soap but depending on the type, they may have room for shampoo and body wash bottles as well.

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There are many shower storage options available today; most are temporary or movable devices that are not considered as elegant and tidy as the permanent options. The permanent shower storage options are preferred by most people, yet they are often more expensive and require a complete shower remodel, to install & utilize.

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