Redblock Niche Install Guide – Efficient Design, Easy Installation

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This is the official Redblock niche install guide for the N1014 and N828 stainless steel shower storage niches. Unlike the standard shower storage niche that must be constructed on site and tiled, the Redblock niche is a pre-manufactured, finished recessed shower shelf or “niche”. As such, it is much simpler to install and integrate with the waterproofing membrane compared to a standard niche, as you will see below. This Redblock shower niche install guide will provide a detailed outline of how to install this revolutionary and beautiful product.


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Step 1 of the Redblock Niche Install

The first Redblock niche install step involves preparing the framing. As you can see by the image, this is a relatively simple procedure with the goal of creating a wall recess where the niche fixture will eventually be placed. It also provides support for the mounting flange and a place to attach the mounting screws.

Redblock niche install - Back-framing-Redblock-niche-300W-70

Step 2

The next step of the Redblock niche install is to attach the tile backer board to the shower wall and cut the hole where the shower storage niche will be placed. You will need to measure out the position of the rectangular framing recess you created in the previous step, and make note of it. Then attach the tile backer board to your shower wall and mark out the shower niche position on the backer board surface. Then cut out the backer board between the framing in preparation for installing your new shower niche fixture.

Redblock niche install - Backer-board-install-Redblock-niche-300W-70

Step 3

The third step is the installation of your Redblock shower niche. Before inserting the fixture into the mounting hole, apply a thin bead of polyurethane sealant around the perimeter of the flange. This creates an the initial seal between the backboard and the fixture. Place it in position, and use 1 1/4″ “wafer head” screws to attach the fixture to the wall. Be careful not to over tighten the screws.

Redblock niche install - Niche-install-Redblock-niche-300W-70

Step 4

The next step of the Redblock niche install is to apply the waterproofing membrane to the shower wall. Be sure to measure carefully and cut the hole in the membrane just slightly larger than the raised tiling flange. Apply a thin bead of polyurethane sealant on the surface of the mounting flange (over the mounting screws), and apply the membrane. Carefully press the membrane against the flange to spread the sealant and to eliminate any high points.


The shower wall is now ready to tile!

Redblock niche install - Membrane-install-Redblock-niche-300W-70

Redblock finished shower niche

As you can see in the image, a integrated tile border is incorporated into it’s design so additional tile edging or trim pieces are unnecessary. This trim is also welded to the M-Block™ flange to ensure a positive connection with the waterproofing membrane, eliminating the chance of any leaks if these instructions are followed. This makes the Redblock niche install safer, easier, and of course more beautiful than any other finished shower niche product available.

Redblock niche install - New-houzz-angled-empty-niche-greentile-scaled-to-350W-70pg

You should keep in mind that this document only applies to the Redblock niche install. There are other finished shower shelf fixtures available that may look similar, but these other products lack the M-Block™ waterproofing flange, the beautiful integrated stainless steel tile border flange, the unique integrated Redblock perforated shelf, and it’s superior finishing. Now you can enjoy the unique functional beauty of your new Redblock shower storage niche. Check out both our shower niche models, the N1014 and the N828. and look out for new innovative stainless steel bathroom fixtures to come from Redblock Industries.

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