5 Most Popular Shower Storage Ideas (from Caddies to Niches)

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Do you need help with shower organization? Keep reading for a bunch of useful shower storage Ideas along with product suggestions from houzz.com.


Whether you are looking for an ad hoc solution for an existing shower or a permanent solution for your bathroom remodel…this post should put you on the right track (plus an exciting new option for renovators!)

Shower Caddies


The shower caddy is the most efficient and elegant solution for most shower storage problems when you are desperate for storage solutions, and not in the position to remodel your shower (and install a shower niche instead).


This term “shower caddy” is a fairly broad topic, covering a large array of different types of storage around the shower or bath.


Let me show you a few of the most popular of these shower storage options (plus a few slightly obscure ones).

Hanging Shower Caddy

Overwhelmingly the most popular shower storage Idea is the shower caddy, and the most popular style of shower caddy is the hanging shower caddy or hook over shower caddy.

This is usually some type of shower basket that hangs on the arm of the shower head, but can also hang over the shower door or shower screen (also referred to as an over the door shower caddy).

The benefits of these caddies are their low cost and ultimate convenience. They allow for some storage in very easy reach, right below the shower head.

They also are super easy to install and come in a variety of materials and finishes to suite most peoples preferences.

A disadvantage of these fixtures can be that the shower head water supply pipe upon which they are hung is not really designed to carry any significant load. Something you DO NOT want to deal with is a cracked pipe that leaks water into your shower wall.

Also a very common small shower storage idea belonging in the category of hanging shower caddies, are hanging bags, containers and shower baskets.

All of these contain bulk storage compartments or smaller compartments to help you organize the items you use in the shower.

These can hang on the shower curtain rod, over the shower door, or stuck to the shower wall tile with some kind of adhesive or suction cups.

Corner Shower Caddy

Included among the best shower storage ideas is the second most popular type of shower storage: The corner shower caddy. It’s popularity is predictable since it usually has multiple shelves with loads of storage space.

Multiple shelves is key with this device, since the typical family shower can contain six or more shampoo bottles, washcloths, puffs as well as bars of soap.  It can be a real disorganized mess if not for a shower caddy to contain it all.

This type of corner shower shelf can be constructed with three or more different levels of shelving, and they are usually pinned between the ceiling and bathtub deck or shower floor. There are also some varieties that simply stand in the corner on the shower floor (more on those later).

Most of these corner caddies use a tension pole to hole them in place (tension shower caddy). They are available for both tub showers and regular showers but the stability of the shower versions can become quite precarious due to their extra height.

Another possible downside of these devices is that they must be squeezed between the ceiling and the tub deck or shower floor. This often causes significant damage to the ceiling and the tub deck because these surfaces are not structurally designed for this type of stress.

Bath Caddy

A bath caddy or bathtub caddy is mainly considered to be a shelf that sits on one edge of the bathtub or it can sit on both sides of the bathtub suspended across the middle.

This handy shower storage idea is not intended to help you in the shower but rather, it is a great way to keep items dry and protected while bathing.

These bath caddies are often used for soap and other body cleansing items but also can hold a bath time snack or glass of champagne while you are relaxing in the tub.

Other Shower Organizers


Among the many shower storage ideas that can help you organize your shower are shower racks (shower floor caddies), wall mounted shower shelves, and shower niches.

Shower Racks (Shower Floor Caddies)

These shower storage products are more like compact tiered shelving units that sit on the shower or tub floor rather than suspended as most caddies are.

If it’s impossible or impractical to use a corner tension pole caddy or hang anything from the walls or shower head, you are left only with the floor as your best and only shower storage idea.

If you are in this situation you will be happy to know that there are many attractive, inexpensive and very useful shower storage racks to keep all your items contained and out of your way on the shower floor.

The most unobtrusive of these is the one that rests in the corner of your shower because it stays as out of the way as possible on the shower floor.

Other racks require a little more space, often resting just outside the shower to stay within close reach while in the shower.

All of these racks can be made from wood, plastic, stainless steel, or chromed steel.

Wall Mounted Shower Shelves

If you do not have the room for a pole style shower caddy and you don’t have the room on your shower floor, sometimes your best option is a wall mounted shower shelf.

shower storage - shutterstock_shower-rack-400W-70

Some are small enough to simply hold your soap yet others are big enough for many shampoo bottles, soaps etc.

The benefit of these is that they can be mounted out of the way on your shower wall. If you mount your shelves high enough, they stay entirely out of your way but still within reach. Or mount them on the opposite corner so you don’t run into them when moving about the shower.

Most are made of durable materials like wood, plastic, stainless steel, or chromed steel with perforations to allow water to drain away.

Shower Niches

Shower niches are a type of recessed shower shelf (or shower shelf insert), that could be considered the only “permanent” shower storage option in this large group of shower storage ideas.

Permanent means that they must be built into the shower wall during a remodel and can’t be retrofit into a existing shower. This also means that they are considerably more expensive than the other shower storage ideas presented here.


The shower niche has the benefit of keeping your personal care items out of the way in the shower with an additional benefit of being recessed, so it does not protrude from the shower wall.


The fact that it’s recessed also allows it to incorporate more seamlessly into your shower and become a design feature rather than simply a practical shelf to store your stuff.


An additional advantage of this type of built in shower shelf is the ability to build it almost as tall as you want.

There are some structural issues to consider when building a shower niche, but generally you should be able to utilize as much of the vertical stud wall recess as you like to create your dream shower niche.


Shower niches are generally constructed and covered in tile, but there are also a few finished shower niches that are easier to install and do not require the maintenance of a tiled niche.

I hope you enjoyed our list of shower storage ideas; we tried to make it as comprehensive as possible. There are obviously going to be many variations of the ones we highlighted but it should hopefully steer you in the right direction when considering the type of shower storage that works best for you.


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