5 Most Popular Shower Storage Ideas (from Caddies to Niches)

by | Last updated Jun 9, 2019 | Shower Niche, Shower Remodel

Do you need help with shower organization? Keep reading for a bunch of useful shower storage Ideas along with product suggestions from houzz.com.


Whether you are looking for an ad hoc solution for an existing shower or a permanent solution for your bathroom remodel…this post should put you on the right track (plus an exciting new option for renovators!)

Shower Caddies


The shower caddy is the most efficient and elegant solution for most shower storage problems when you are desperate for storage solutions, and not in the position to remodel your shower (and install a shower niche instead).


This term “shower caddy” is a fairly broad topic, covering a large array of different types of storage around the shower or bath.


Let me show you a few of the most popular of these shower storage options (plus a few slightly obscure ones).

Hanging Shower Caddy

Overwhelmingly the most popular shower storage Idea is the shower caddy, and the most popular style of shower caddy is the hanging shower caddy or hook over shower caddy.

This is usually some type of shower basket that hangs on the arm of the shower head, but can also hang over the shower door or shower screen (also referred to as an over the door shower caddy).

The benefits of these caddies are their low cost and ultimate convenience. They allow for some storage in very easy reach, right below the shower head.

Flex Shower Caddy, White