Keep your soap dry with our slotted recessed shower shelf

by | Sep 22, 2017 | Bathroom storage, Shower Niche

A slotted recessed shower shelf for more protected storage

There are many shower niches available that are referred to as “recessed shower shelves”, but since most of these niches only create the standard wall recess and do not have an actual shelf, the term really doesn’t seem to apply. The Redblock stainless steel shower storage niche on the other hand, provides the standard wall recess, but also has a built-in slotted, recessed shower shelf that can accommodate all your soaps, razors, and tubs. In other words it is the only finished shower niche product that fulfills the criteria of a recessed shower shelf. The shelf is integrated into its waterproof design and truly enhances the modern design aesthetic of the Redblock shower niche.


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recessed shower shelf - soap-shelf-washcloth-rasor

Clean & Dry

This recessed shelf is elevated 10 1/2″ above the base, with 3/8″ wide laser-cut slots. This helps facilitate water drainage and maximize air circulation. There is an extended slot on the front of the niche designed to hang a washcloth or puff. This slot is intentionally placed at the front of the niche for better drying, even in theĀ unforgiving moist shower environment. A 1/2″ wide gap behind the shelf also enhances air circulation to further facilitate drying. The wide shelf slots help the water drain away, which allows the Redblock niche to stay much cleaner than a conventional tiled niche. No longer will your soap dissolve away in the fowl pool of water at the base of your old soap dish.


I’ve finally found a place to store my soap that keeps it from getting slimy!

Solid & Dependable

This recessed shower shelf of the Redblock niche is also permanently welded to the rest of the frame. This welded structure ensures that their are no moving parts to lose or break during the long life of your shower niche. Unlike some custom tiled niche structures, the solid welded structure of Redblock shower niche ensures that their are no weak points, or perforations that could cause a leak in the future.


Finally, a place to hang your washcloth where it actually has a chance to dry!

The slotted recessed shower shelf in the Redblock shower niche, is a great example of the innovation, style, function and durability of Redblock Industry’s stainless steel bathroom fixture products.

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