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Both our N828 and N1014 Shower Niches include the following features:

  • Bold & stylish completely watertight stainless steel unibody design.
  • Integrated tile border flange – Accommodates most tile thicknesses (up to 3/8″) and includes an attractive built-in tile edge trim (tile border profile).
  • M-Block™ waterproofing flange – ensures secure wall attachment and secure bonding to any shower wall waterproofing membrane system.
  • Redblock’s unique slotted shelf – water drains away to keep shelf items cleaner and dryer. Also keeps your soap from slipping away.
  • Integrated washcloth hanger.
  • Quick and easy Installation.
  • Solid, waterproof construction – a fully welded unibody structure.
  • Cost effective because no complicated installation and tiling is required, as is the case with most conventional tiled niches.
  • Easy to clean – smooth brushed stainless steel finish.


But the N828 includes some NEW FEATURES:

  • A new 8″ x 28″ storage area
  • Three storage levels
  • Extra height lower shelf for bulk size bottles
  • Two shelves with Redblock’s unique slotted design
  • Three notches at the front of the upper shelf to hang your washing puffs, scrub brush, or soap-on-a-rope.





The REDBLOCK N828 Stainless Steel Shower Niche is a preformed finished shower niche that solves your shower storage problems in the most unique way of any manufactured or custom made shower niche product on the market.


So What Makes the REDBLOCK N828 Shower Niche so Unique you’re wondering?


In short, the Redblock niche solves ALL of the 7 BIG problems commonly associated with ordinary shower niches:


These 7 BIG shower niche problems are:


1. They DON’T guaranteed a waterproof Interior
2. They often DON’T bond to the shower wall waterproofing membrane (causing perimeter leaks).
3. They can easily compromise the structure of the shower wall (horizontal niches in particular). This is one of the LEAST RECOGNIZED shower niche problems.
4. EVERY tiled niche requires a difficult tile edge trim profile piece to be installed.
5. Most are NOT easy to install for a professional, let alone a homeowner.
6. There is NO guarantee of a beautiful finish (you rely on the skills of your tiling contractor)
7. Standing water creates a wet and sloppy mess because water can’t drain away from shelf surfaces.


Here are the Innovative ways that the Redblock N828 Shower Niche solves ALL these problems:



If you are reading this you probably know very well what can happen when water leaks through a shower niche and into your stud wall. Rotting of the structural framing, dangerous mold growth….. In short, nothing good.

Both of the Redblock shower niche models are made with a combination of 11 gauge and 18 gauge T304 sheet stainless steel, welded by expert craftsmen to create a sealed watertight structure.

If fact, it is so well constructed that it will likely outlast everything installed in and around your shower. Well heck, it will even outlast you!

That means no leaks ever!



Did you know that the inside of your shower niche is not the only source of water leaks into your shower wall?

If there is no waterproofing membrane at all, or if it is poorly installed, water can make its way around the perimeter of your shower niche damaging your wall board and getting into the stud wall.

The Redblock Stainless Steel Shower Niche is the only finished, ready to install shower niche that utilizes the M-Block flange, to virtually eliminate this risk.

This unique flange is a solid surface by which you attach your niche to the wall framing, but it also serves as a water infiltration barrier.

This one of a kind flange is welded to our tile border flange (tile edge trim), creating a seamless transition so no water can get past it.

The top surface of the M-Block flange is also designed to be the ideal surface upon which any shower waterproofing membrane can be attached (both liquid and sheet styles).

Even if you or your contractor neglected to use a waterproofing membrane on the shower wall (bad idea), it is almost impossible for the Redblock shower niche to leak if attached to the wall board with the recommended adhesive.

This is yet another feature totally unique to the Redblock Shower Niche.



Are you interested in DESTROYING your home??

I’ll wager that your answer is NO!

The Redblock N828 shower niche is designed to be mounted vertically within a single stud cavity, rather than having a horizontal orientation. This is important because creating a shower niche that expands horizontally across the wall studs can SERIOUSLY DAMAGE the structure of your shower wall, and your home, if done improperly.

A horizontal shower niche requires that a section be removed from the middle of the wall studs that make up the structure of your shower wall.

To anyone that understands structure, this should be a scary thing.

There are ways to fortify the wall structure when building this type of niche, but many contractors do not take these steps, which can seriously compromise the integrity of the wall. And if this is a load bearing wall, this can lead to a STRUCTURAL FAILURE event.

Even if it is not a bearing wall, the wall’s rigidity can be seriously compromised, which can cause grout cracking, tile de-lamination, or a complete failure of the tile assembly.

This is one of the LEAST RECOGNIZED RISKS of installing a horizontal shower wall niche.

That’s why Redblock’s new N828 Shower niche was expanded in size upwards, so it could stay between a single wall stud.

Redblock’s tall N828 shower niche incorporates style and utility as well as SAFETY into your modern shower design.



We at Redblock are also very proud of our tile border flange.

What’s so good about a tile border flange, and why would I want one?

The Redblock integrated tile border flange eliminates the need for you to install a tile edge trim profile, which is one of the most difficult tasks in a tiled shower niche build.

Installing this trim piece in a tiled shower niche takes a bunch of skill to get right. Far too often the trim doesn’t match the plane of the perimeter tile and the corners don’t match, making your entire shower niche installation look unprofessional and just plain hokey.

The Redblock integrated tile border flange on the other hand, creates a beautiful transition between your wall tile and shower niche and it comes built-in to the Redblock Shower Niche!



I don’t think we are too bold to say that both the Redblock N1014 and N828 Shower niches are the easiest shower niches to install.

The only exceptions would perhaps include the “retrofit” shower niches that do not bond with the shower wall waterproofing membrane….. and frankly, nobody should install those.

The total install time of the Redblock niche is less than one hour for most installations. This makes it easy but also cheaper to install than most standard tiled niches.

The cost of the Redblock niche will virtually always be less than the combined materials and labour cost of installing a tiled niche, even if it is one of those preformed foam tiling niche products that is supposed to be the quickest tiled shower niche to install.

These foam niches still require tiling and shelf installation which is a skilled labour task that takes a significant amount of time. This is very much a “hidden” cost in most shower remodel jobs.

Construction, waterproofing and tiling of a custom shower niche is an even more difficult task. Difficult for the skilled professional, let alone the DIY homeowner.

I assure you that if you knew what you were paying and understood the risks involved in a tiled shower niche installation, you would realize the exceptional value of the Redblock N828 shower wall niche.



Both Redblock niches are already finished and ready to install. This is a considerable comfort compared to the risk of leaving this in the hands of your tiling contractor.

As I already mentioned, tiling the interior (and especially the perimeter) of a tiled shower niche is a deceptively complex task which requires a fair bit of skill and patience.

If you are hiring a new tiling contractor, you will never know exactly what your shower niche will look like until it is finished.

This is a risk that you never need to make again if you decide to buy the Redblock niche.

And with the new Redblock PVD finishing options soon to be available, you will get the security of knowing that you get exactly what you paid for with different finishes to suite every taste.



The Redblock Stainless Steel Shower Niche is the ONLY shower wall niche that has built-in slotted shelving that’s stylish and attractive, but also very functional.

The front bar can be used as a hanger for your washcloth during showering.

The notches on the upper shelf of the N828 can be used to hang a washing puff or shower brush so they can dry properly after showering. You can even use it to hang your soap-on-a-rope!

These unique slots allow you to store almost anything you might need in the shower while also allowing the water to drain away.

You no longer need to worry about your soap staying slimy, wet and dissolving away between showers.

No more slippery glass and tile shelves to worry about. Your soap will stay where you put it with the REDBLOCK shower wall niche.

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