Redblock N828 Shower Niche

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$429.00 USD


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Of course the new N828 has all the same waterproof integrity, and beautiful styling of our N1014 Shower Niche:


  • Bold & stylish completely watertight stainless steel unibody design.
  • Integrated tile border flange – Accommodates most tile thicknesses (up to 3/8″) and includes an attractive built-in tile edge trim (tile border profile).
  • M-Block™ waterproofing flange – ensures secure wall attachment and secure bonding to any shower wall waterproofing membrane system.
  • Redblock’s unique slotted upper shelf – water drains away to keep shelf items cleaner and dryer. Also keeps your soap from slipping away.
  • Integrated washcloth hanger.
  • Quick and easy Installation.
  • Solid, waterproof construction – a fully welded unibody structure.
  • Cost effective because no complicated installation and tiling is required, as is the case with most conventional tiled niches.
  • Easy to clean – smooth brushed stainless steel finish.


But the N828 includes some NEW FEATURES:

  • A new 8″ x 28″ storage area
  • Three storage levels
  • Extra height lower shelf for bulk size bottles
  • A upper shelf with Redblock’s unique slotted design, but also 3 notches in the front to hang your washing puffs, scrub brush, or soap-on-a-rope.


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The Redblock Stainless Steel Shower Niche solves so many problems in the shower. Of course it solves your shower storage problems, but it also eliminates all the other worries that come with a traditional tiled shower niche install.

The Redblock Stainless Steel shower Niche is guaranteed waterproof. Our shower niche is welded by expert stainless steel welders in the same way zero radius stainless steel kitchen sinks are made. What other shower niche manufacturer can make this claim? And how many contractors are willing to make this claim for their custom tiled shower niches? With the Redblock Niche you will NEVER have to worry about if or when your newly installed shower wall niche will leak!

The Redblock Stainless Steel shower Niche is the ONLY shower wall niche that has built-in slotted shelving that is stylish and attractive, but also very functional. The front bar on the lower shelf can be used as a hanger for your washcloth during showering. The notches on the upper shelf of the N828 can be used to hang a washing puff or shower brush so they can dry properly after showering. You can even hang your soap-on-a-rope! And of course, these beautiful shelves can also store your tubs and razors and help to keep your soap from sliding away, which often happens with a tiled or glass niche shelf.

The Redblock Stainless Steel Shower Niche is the ONLY preformed finished shower niche insert with the M-Block™ Waterproofing Flange. An integrated mounting flange that allows for secure attachment to the shower wall framing as well as secure bonding to the shower wall waterproofing membrane. Another claim no other shower niche can make!

The Redblock Stainless Steel Shower Niche is the ONLY shower shampoo niche with a built-in tile border flange or tile edge trim profile. This elegant but simple tile border profile eliminates the detailed work required to install a tile edge trim piece around the perimeter of your tiled shower niche. It is yet another time and skill saving advantage offered ONLY by the Redblock shower storage niche.

If you believe that the Redblock Stainless Steel Shower Niche is too pricey for your next shower remodel, consider the following…. As a experienced contractor with SKG Renovation and one of the designers of the Redblock Niche, I can assure you that the installation of a preformed tilable shower niche takes a considerable amount of time if done properly. And if you are considering a custom built tiled shower niche, the installation time is extended considerably. This is one of the significant hidden costs of a shower renovation that most people are not aware of because most contractors will not break down the costs of a shower build. Depending on the size and style of the shower niche, the process from construction to tiling can easily take several days. At labor rates of $250 – $400 per day, one can easily see how costly this can get. The Redblock Stainless Steel Shower Niche can be installed in less than 1 hour total, including support, backer board cutting and membrane attachment. No other niche that bonds with your shower wall waterproofing membrane can make this claim.


Click the link to below to reserve your new N828 shower niche. Please indicate how many you would like.


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