Stunning Modern Bathroom Design Ideas (new for 2019)

by | Last updated Mar 17, 2019 | Shower Remodel

What makes a modern bathroom design?

Do you browse the pages of bathroom design magazines and blogs, or longingly pin the newest and coolest modern bathroom designs on Pinterest? Many of us wish to re-create one of those wonderful modern bathroom designs in our own home. In this post we will explore some of the more popular elements of modern bathroom design to help you satisfy your design urges.

Industrial Bathroom Design

Industrial design is a big influence on designers theses days. Why not incorporate this into your bathroom design? Industrial spaces are practical spaces to get work done. This concept lends itself well to a practical space like the bathroom. Polished concrete or grey polished plaster on the floors, vanity or walls can give your bathroom a industrial warehouse vibe. Exposed electrical conduit is also reminiscent of a loft or warehouse which could work well in a bathroom, especially against exposed brick or concrete surfaces. Take this idea further by exposing the plumbing pipes in key places. Copper water pipes can be a dazzling color when polished, and can be coated with a finish to stay that way. Incorporating more metallic surfaces in the bathroom is a great way to achieve an industrial look. Steel framed shower doors (especially painted black) with a windowpane or french-door look are becoming very popular and a good way to achieve a classically inspired industrial look. Try to combine unrefined surfaces with some refined pieces like a cool lighting fixture or a stainless steel shower niche for the perfect industrial bathroom design.

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Minimalist look

Minimalist bathroom design is almost synonymous with modern bathroom design, and it is currently one of the most popular trends in bathroom design. So what can you do to create a truly minimalist look? A clear and open floor plan is a primary goal. Even if you have a small bathroom, keeping it uncluttered is important in maintaining the illusion of space and openness. Hide away bathroom storage cabinets by building them narrower and trying to incorporate them into the wall, or possibly even utilizing the space inside the wall as a shower niche does. Smooth clean lines on fixtures, walls and ceiling is also a priority. A floating vanity is a popular choice these days, or even simpler, a wall mount sink. A wall hung toilet with a concealed tank is also a go-to strategy for a minimalist modern bathroom design. Minimalist shower enclosures can be a single sheet of glass as a water screen, or if you have the space, no screen at all. Some of the most dramatic showers incorporate some creative wall positioning or only a small glass partition to keep shower splash under control. Ceiling mounted rain shower heads also do a lot to remove wall mounted fixtures that can interrupt a truly minimalist aesthetic. A round wall mirror can also maintain that minimalist look, while also helping to break up the angular geometry often found in minimalist design. Concealed lighting seems to be an emerging design trend that also lends itself to a minimalist design since it helps eliminate lighting fixtures in a room. This type of lighting can create a dramatic effect, hidden in a cove at the wall or ceiling, it provides a reflected light that can be gentle and ambient, or bright for general lighting.



Natural influences

The use of wood and wood-look surfaces continue to be very popular in 2017. A piece of timber as a vanity top looks spectacular despite its vulnerability to water damage. A timber vanity also looks great with a light marble or quartz countertop. A wooden sink is on the more absurd side of this trend. Wood flooring on all or part of the bathroom floor is showing up in Pinterest in many modern bathroom designs. Although some of these floors are indeed natural wood, many are laid with a wood grain printed porcelain tile. These tiles can look nearly identical to real wood, but they are much better suited to a moist bathroom environment.

The 2017 pantone color of the year is called greenery, which is a light green color reminiscent of new leaves. Utilizing this color could enhance any natural materials design theme. Plants are an obvious natural element that provides a comforting contrast to the hard polished surfaces of the bathroom. Choose a variety that is suited for lighting in the bathroom, unless you have the luxury of natural light. Take this a step further with a plant wall. There are lots of articles out there on how to put together a plant wall of your own. Read this article from Architectural Digest and create a calming green oasis in your bathroom.

Other elements

The Industrial and natural influences in modern bathroom design are largely about combining rustic surfaces whether man-made or from nature, with modern bathroom fixtures. The minimalist design influence may come from the fact that most homeowners are living in smaller spaces, and have been forced to go “minimalist” as a result. And the fixture brands have followed this trend by producing products that are less bulky and with simpler lines. But rather than relying on the fixtures to provide all the design refinement, many designers will add a patterned tile used strategically, or just a classic tile laid in an unusual way, to add a feeling of elegance to the room.


These were just a few modern bathroom design trends for you to consider. Whether you are just dreaming of creating the perfect modern bathroom, or actually compiling a list of priorities for your next bathroom remodel, hopefully these design elements can provide some focus and some inspiration.

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