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For most people, your day both begins and ends in the bathroom. It is often the first destination of our morning routines and the tidiness of our bathroom can shape the entire rest of our daily experience, especially if you’re sharing with another person.  One of the great benefits of modern interior decorating is beautiful bathroom storage options. With the right assets and design, you can increase the aesthetic appeal of your private sanctum while ensuring that every item is perfectly stored where you will find it most convenient. Devising your ideal bathroom storage layout means considering the size, shape, and style of your bathroom and comparing those to the options available. Do you prefer open shelves or closed cabinets, shiny chrome or polished tile? When planning your next remodel, use this guide to help you choose a few delightful bathroom storage options to enhance your bathroom design.


Creative Vanity Storage


Everyone’s approach to vanity storage is different. The way you keep your sink and counter space says a lot about you. Do you hide everything under the sink, store your cosmetics in adorable covered containers, or leave your favourite items scattered over the vanity top? The next question is: how do you want to handle vanity storage? A small amount of renovation could transform your morning ritual.

Floating Vanity

If you’ve found yourself short on floor space, a ‘floating vanity’ is a wonderful way to reclaim an area. This wall-mounted design provides all the benefits of vanity cabinetry or shelves while leaving a foot or more of space available below. This is a great place for storage baskets or a short laundry hamper that will stay out of the way. This under cabinet space also contributes to a more open and spacious feel in the bathroom. An efficient and beautiful bathroom storage option.

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Vanity Drawers

One of the primary contributors to vanity convenience is the presence of drawers. Placed just below the counter surface, these enclosed rolling storage areas allow you to organize and access your personal items without having to crouch down and rummage among the pipes beneath the sink. Drawers also allow you to immediately double, or even triple the effective storage space under your counter, without increasing the size of the vanity cabinet. The number of drawers and the way you choose to compartmentalize, gives you the ability to store all your items, from narrow toothpaste tubes to the large shampoo bottles.

Free-standing Cabinets

Not every bathroom has wall-mounted cabinets. You can also find free-standing cabinetry and shelving in a variety of colors, styles, and materials for everything from an old-fashioned Victorian look to something modern and sleek. This allows you to innovate your use of floor space and storage to truly represent your personal style.

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The Non-Vanity

One unusual but dynamic option for your vanity is to eliminate the cabinetry entirely. Instead, you could have a single wall-mounted counter made of wood, marble or granite with a surface-mounted sink, and an open shelf beneath. This is a high-end option often installed in larger bathrooms that have other storage options.

Vanity Top Storage

There are always a few items that are used so regularly that we like to leave them on the counter. Unfortunately, because the bathroom is a damp place, this isn’t always a good idea. With the incidental splashing and puddling of water on the counter, some of these items may become waterlogged or even damaged. If done correctly vanity top storage can be an organized and even elegant bathroom storage option. Consider mounted shelves, hooks, drawers, and even elegant little boxes for your vanity top to ensure everything is both accessible and tidy.

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Wall Storage Solutions


Most bathrooms are designed with at least one wall mounted feature. Attached with screws, bolts, and braces, these items hang from the walls in order to create more floor space and keep things dry. Almost any open wall space in a bathroom is a candidate for mounted storage, but elegance demands a balance. The most common things mounted on bathroom walls are shelves, towel racks, toilet roll holders, and cabinetry to hold your medicines, cosmetics, and linens. Your bathroom storage preferences and the shape of your bathroom will influence what you choose to mount.

The Medicine Cabinet

The space above your sink is typically left to a mounted mirror or a mirrored medicine cabinet, allowing you to store medications, dental hygiene, and cosmetic products in a convenient place and above the reach of small children. The cabinet keeps everything tidy and out of sight, but some people prefer open shelves instead of a closed medicine cabinet for convenience. If you choose to combine shelves with a mounted mirror, you could have one shelf along the bottom or rows of short shelves framing it on either side.

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Towel Storage

Everyone has a different preference for how to store their towels. Most bathrooms have at least one towel bar for drying, but many enjoy installing several bars on which dry towels can be stored as well. Cabinets are also a popular option for closing your linens away from the rest of the room as it steams up, while shelves provide easy retrieval without having to open a cabinet door. For home decorators who enjoy chrome, you can even take a page from the hotel books and create a shelf of towel bars for aesthetic versatility.

Above the Toilet

The space above your toilet is a fantastic potential area for mounted bathroom storage. This is often the best place for cabinets, towel shelves, and occasional bath time treats like scented oils, bubble bath, and perhaps a rubber ducky for companionship. Many people use wire racks here because they are lightweight but you can choose anything you like for this otherwise unused space. You can even keep potted plants, bowls of potpourri, or waterproof decorations if you already have enough room for towels and personal items.

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Other Accessory Storage


If you’ve got a lot of items to store away in your bathroom, and other means of storage aren’t quite taking care of it all, there are other types of storage that can keep the bathroom tidy, but also stylish and efficient. What about box or basket storage?

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Container Storage

Whether it be decorative boxes or baskets on a shelf, or under the vanity, you can help organize and tidy up your bathroom space with these practical bathroom storage containers. If you feel that closed cabinet storage makes your bathroom feel more cramped, open shelving is an easy solution. The only problem is that most items that you would like to store in your bathroom require some containment, so your shelves won’t look too cluttered. Decorative boxes or baskets are the answer. They can contain almost anything that you don’t want immediate access too in the bathroom, but are still easy enough to access if you need some supplies.

Shower Storage


Choosing the right shower storage for your bathroom makes the difference between luxurious bathing and constantly kicking over your shampoo. Most people end up simply leaving their soap containers and wash rags on the shower floor or draped over the edge of the tub, but this usually ends in tumbling bottles and foul smelling rags. That said, smart bathroom designers can always find a solution to this common bathroom storage problem.

Temporary Shower Caddies

Even though everyone keeps their shampoo and soap in the shower, most shower installations simply don’t have a solution for this. There are dozens of innovative but ultimately stop-gap designs for shower caddies. The least effective are those connected purely by suction cups, which seem to always detach at the least opportune moment, while caddies that hang from the shower head are the most popular by far. There are also vertical pole caddies which fasten between the tub-edge and the ceiling to provide several layers of wire shelves and some people even add a second shower-curtain rod along the back of the tub just to hang wire baskets.

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The Shower Niche

If you’ve ever wrestled with a shower caddy that won’t stay in place, there’s an excellent solution. If you are planning a remodel of your tub or shower surround, you can transform your shower into a place of integral convenience with a shower niche (also known as a recessed shower shelf). This is a depression in the shower wall which creates a natural waterproof shelf for your shampoo, soap, razor, or a cool tropical drink during bubble bath time. Whether you choose a tiled niche or sleek stainless steel niche, this solution is sure to permanently enhance the luxury of your showers.


If you are planning to install a shower niche, read this article: Don’t get stuck with a shower caddy – Plan for a Shower \Niche

When it comes to a beautiful bathroom, the primary difference between elegance and clutter is how you design your storage. As your own interior designer, you have the power to shape how your bathroom looks, feels, and flows from one activity to another. Whether you base your theme around dark wood cabinetry, natural stone, or stainless steel and chrome, your elegant storage solutions for 2017 are sure to create a delightful experience for both your morning routine and evening relaxation.

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